The "Flying Arrows" of Baqarnomics

Breaking the internet with monetary policy

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The title of the post is an allusion to Three Arrows of Abenomics.

Reza Baqir, the Governor of State Bank of (Overseas) Pakistanis has also had his fair share of “flying arrows” notably

  1. Making the discount rate 13.25% to attract hot money.

  2. Ballot stuffing at Monetary Policy Committee

  3. Data manipulation for

    • Mystery shopping of mortgage financing

    • Construction financing

  4. 100% cash margin on the import of items that comprise 1.6% of import bill, including mosquito coils when Dengue is rampaging through Punjab and KP.

  5. And now we have this

If the aforementioned was a slip, then I suggest the following

And if it wasn’t a slip, I should change my twitter profile.

Shaukat Yusufzai received a lot of flak for making a similar statement.

Man, I wish I had as much money as Aneel Musarrat to be a friend and advisor of influential people and sponsor their events and cricket match tickets.

Lest we forget, see the below video of the brilliant pathway from Aneel Musarrat (who was the PM’s friend, advisor, and confidant) for the 5M Naya Pakistan Housing Program. Do watch the video.

And lest we forget, here is the same Aneel Musarrat giving away tickets freely to our military high command for a cricket match in the UK.

I will just add quote tweets and comments of what others have said. There are many other tweets that are apt, but the tweeps got carried away and included expletives, and as such have been excluded, as this is a family-friendly substack.