Investments in illiquid instruments of an insolvent sector are classified as MEDIUM risk by SECP 🤷‍♂️
This isn’t the usual stuff that I write about. The only relation to the subject of SBP is that it’s about extracting data from SBP’s PDF pages. There is…
In the last four months of Reza Baqir's tenure, SBP expanded its balance sheet by Rs.2.5 trillion.
Farewell Reza Baqir
SBP’s cash margin requirement are detrimental to telecom coverage and IT export potential of Pakistan
This post is written over iPhone. Apologies for typos. My review of three years of Reza Baqir as SBP Governor made me realize that last year I was…
A biased and non-comprehensive look at SBP Governor's three years
On foreign borrowing and partisanship of the CEC
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